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2017-SEP-09: There has been a delay in producing the Muse Deluxe Edition (the high-quality print version). I will need to switch layout software and redo the entire layout of the book, because the printing company did not accept the file created by my original software. The bad news is that I estimate that the Deluxe Edition will only be complete in 2018. In the bright side, I am releasing the 2017 Free Edition now.

2017-APR-22: The high-quality print version of Muse is nearing completion. I'm adding the art and finalizing the layout.

2016-SEP-23: Muse 2016 Edition has been released! This is the free no-frills PDF version. A high-quality print version (at a modest price) is in the works.

Future Plans

The plan right now is to create a high-quality print edition of Muse. In the longer term, I'm working on a companion story-oriented RPG that would feel a lot like Muse, but where players would play character roles directly. I'm also planning on writing sourcebooks for Muse with a variety of creative and thought-provoking settings.


Yes, people have written about Muse on the Internet. Here's the proof:


I bet you woke up this morning wondering what a "blind playtest" is. Well, I sure didn't. But in case you were wondering, it's when someone you don't even know tries out your game! They read the rules, actually understand them, and then play. If you're really lucky then they actually like the game. If you're really really lucky, they tell you about it.

Here's one testimonial from Peter, a man I've never met before (honest!):

"My friends and I have tried a few different RPGs and STGs in the past, but nobody could ever stay involved with a serious story. We gave Muse a chance and let me tell you, it was one of the most entertaining game sessions we've ever had.

"We ended up fighting a Zalien (zombie alien) hoard as a Bon Jovi cover band while Bon Jovi himself had come back from the dead and wanted to enact his revenge on us.

"Basically, the game was awesome because it allowed for us to do stupid and ridiculous things within the bounds of the game and everyone managed to stay involved and attentive and we'll definitely be making it part of our weekly game nights! Thanks for making a cool game."


Actual Play Vignettes

Here are some write-ups of real Muse sessions:

  • The Man That's Been Erased: A man wakes up naked in a forest clearing. He doesn't know who he is, and no-one in the nearby town of Gold Creek knows him either. However, he knows who they are. Has the man been erased from everyone's memory, including his own?
  • Metamorphosis: In modern day Montreal with a magical twist, a Mage transforms people into animals and forces them to work in his mine. How will they restore themselves?
  • Proxima b Colony Ship: After a century of travel, colonists aboard a nuclear-pulse powered generation ship are arriving at Proxima Centauri's Earth-like planet. What will they find?

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